What Can I Expect?

Arrival and Paperwork

New Patient

Upon your arrival, you will be greeted and given new patient paperwork to fill out if you have not already done so. For your convenience, new patient paperwork is available online for you to print, complete, and bring with you to your first visit. Completing your paperwork beforehand can save between 10-15 minutes, on average.  

Office Tour

Office Tour

We want you to feel comfortable and at home! After finishing up with paperwork, we give our practice members a quick tour of our state-of-the-art facility. At this time you can ask any questions you may have and meet our Affinity Family Chiropractic team.



Following your tour, you will sit down with us for a one-on-one healthcare consultation. We will talk about your current health issues, past health concerns, goals for recovery, and other personal concerns you may have so that we can provide you with the very best care.


Nerve Scan

We utilize the most up to date technology in the field to evaluate the location and severity of nerve interference and spinal dysfunction. Our goal is to discover the root cause of any dysfunction within your body, so we can provide the best possible care you need and deserve. Following the INSIGHT assessment, your chiropractor will also perform a physical examination to better understand the source(s) of your symptoms.

Postural X-Rays


While not necessary for everyone, the final step in our initial office visit is digital x-rays. Conveniently located in our office, our x-ray setup is safe, professional, and incredibly cost-effective. X-rays allow the doctor a more accurate assessment of your spine and problem areas. A specific assessment of this nature often leads to quicker outcomes.

                    "To see is to know; to not see is to guess." Dr. B.J. Palmer

Doctor's Report

Doctor Report

During this report, Dr. Paige will speak with you about your individual results, and together, you will come up with a plan of action specifically for your needs. We will talk about the type of treatment you will be receiving, any preparation that may be necessary, and when you can expect to see results. We will also discuss any lifestyle changes that may promote even faster goal achievement. If x-rays were taken, at this time we will sit down and review your x-rays together on a large LED monitor. 

Your Adjustment

neck adjustment

After your Doctor’s Report of findings, you will receive your first chiropractic adjustment. Chiropractic adjustments at Affinity Family Chiropractic range in technique based on patient preference and conditions treated.

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