Insight Technology

INSIGHT scans offer a complete picture of spinal function, spinal nerve interference, and global autonomic imbalance. The INSIGHT scans are calibrated to detect fractional, neural changes in the muscles using surface EMG (sEMG) and in the blood vessels along the spine using thermography. Additional technologies include inclinometry, which measures spinal range of motion and algometry, which maps pain and sensitivity. 

This is the same technology used by NASA with their astronauts before and after returning from space! Complete scans are obtained in only two to three minutes. 

By utilizing this state-of-the-art technology, Dr. Pinnow can quickly and accurately identify nervous system dysfunction on day one leading to improved nervous system health, communication, and function, faster. Every one of Dr. Pinnow's patients will undergo this completely non-invasive neuromuscular evaluation allowing for a more accurate health assessment of the nervous system. 

The Insight is an excellent tool for children, because it can pick up abnormalities before an x-ray, orthopedic or neurological tests can.  Children with a predisposition for scoliosis and females with family history of scoliosis, should receive an sEMG during the pre-teen years; abnormal muscle activity is usually present before spinal changes occur. 

Don't take our word for it,  these are findings YOU CAN SEE!


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