Activator Care

Looking for an alternative to manual adjustments? Dr. Pinnow has additional, specialized training in Activator Methods. Small, but powerful, our specific spring loaded device is designed to mimic the effects of manual adjustments by means of a more gentle impulse to the spine.

So how does it work? 


This is a common question asked by patients in the office. Activator Method is one of the most researched chiropractic techniques to date and is highly backed by that research.

Newton's second law of motion states that Force = Mass x Acceleration or F = ma. This mathematical equation allows the smaller mass of the activator to deliver the same force as a traditional chiropractic manual adjustment by increasing the speed at which the Activator adjustment occurs. Essentially, the developers of this instrument made up for the lesser mass of the instrument with the speed at which it moves. The Activator is quick, so quick infact that muscles are much less likely to tense up, guard, or resist in response to the initial pressure applied immediately preceding the adjustment. In addition, the tip of the Activator works to create a more localized, precise, and specific point of contact which can ultimately afford the patient a gentler, more relaxing experience. 

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